Types of Flowers

Different Types of Flowers

Different Types of Flowers and How to Plant Them

Flowers are wonderful and refreshing gifts for friends or family, but growing your own types of flowers in your yard or garden is much more rewarding and relaxing.

Daffodils are types of flowers called perennials. The best time for them to be planted is in the fall before the freezes start. But you want to keep it late enough into the fall the bulbs can start their growth. Plant Daffodils in the sun’s full light. You need to dig your hole for planting 3 times as deep that the bulb is in width. Put soil over them and tap lightly to let the air pockets out. Do not use fertilizer in the planting, in the Spring all you need to do is sprinkle some kind of bone meal over the plants.

Azaleas are types of flowers in the evergreen shrubs family. Azaleas are a must have in almost everyone’s garden and yards. To plant dig a hole 2 times as large as the azalea root ball is, keeping the depth the same. The plant should be place so that the ball of the root is level to the soils surface. Now, just fill around plant with soil from the hole you dug, removing any debris and rocks as you are replacing it. Put between 3-4 inches of mulching around the azalea plants and you are on your way to enjoying some very pretty flowers.

Roses are types of flowers everyone loves and adores. They have an elegance and beauty about them. Seeds should be propagated for planting. The seeds of the rose can take up to 2 years to go through the germination process if not cared for properly. To quicken this along, seeds should be placed into peat that is dampened in about a temperature of 27-31 degree C. Keep them there about 4 months and seeds will begin their germination process. Seedlings need to be placed into pots individually, once big enough to hold them. In the summer time start planting seedlings outdoors and soon you will be sitting back, relaxing and enjoying your own roses.

Tulips are other favorite types of flowers most everyone adores. Tulips bloom very hardy in the springtime. Plant the tulips in masses of about 9-10 each of the one kind variety. These look great as borders in flower gardens and even in rock gardens. Variety is why the tulip is so popular; they come in every conceivable color you could think of except for the color of blue. Planting needs to be done in the middle or the late of fall. In spring the tulips will bloom fully. Plants should be placed 4 inches deep or if the taller variety of tulips then plant about 7 inches deep.

Irises are types of flowers which are beautiful and peaceful looking. The iris must be grown only from the seeds. They work greatly in very shady places of your garden or yard. Areas that are somewhat milder can actually be tolerated by the iris, bit for only part of the day, and then the iris will need a shady spot to relax in and plenty of rainfall comes in the fall. Summer and the earliness of spring bring the iris to life and they reach their full blooming potential then.

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