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Exotic Flowers

Exotic flowers are simply breathtaking and add a special glow to bouquets, arrangement, gardens and of course, weddings. The Birds of Paradise flower is known to be one of the most exotic flowers of all.

Named after it shape, which bears a resemblance to a bird's beak, this exotic flower is also famous for being one of the most vibrant flowers on the earth. Some people call this flower the Crane flower, as a Crane is a type of bird.

This particular exotic is found in South Africa, and will be in bloom from the months of September though May. The calla lily is a very popular exotic flower for use in weddings. It is known for being one of the most beautiful flowers, as it is unique in form and produces numerous colors.

They also are found in South Africa and can be called the trumpet lily or the pig lily. Most flower lovers are familiar with the exotic flower named Lily of the Valley. Although first found in Europe, this flower can now be found in numerous locations throughout the world, including North America and Asia.

Interestingly, in the country of England, the Lily of the Valley is only a wild flower there. What a treat it must be to residents of England to see this amazing flower sprawling across meadows. There are so many exotic flowers for one to enjoy and we are lucky that nature has given us such a gift.