Types of Flowers
Symbolic Meaning of Different Flowers

Meaning of Flowers

A long time ago, in Victorian times, flowers had strong meaning and each specific flower sent a clear signal about how the giver was feeling toward the receiver. It was a great way for people to communicate, using the flowers to speak words that were sometimes difficult to say.

In modern times, not everyone is familiar with the meaning of flowers; but when a person gives flowers to another the gesture itself means one of caring, concern, sympathy, friendship or love. The meaning of flowers today depends on what situation is occurring when someone is the receiver.

Roses will always mean romance, especially when it comes to red roses. However, any woman who receives a rose of any color from a man is getting a very clear signal that he is using the meaning of flowers to convey that he wishes to show affection for her.

When a person has a feeling of emotion that is very strong, they may ask flower experts to tell them the meaning of flowers or may express what feeling they wish to convey and then choose that particular flower to give. Even though roses will always mean romance and when a man gives a rose to a woman, neither one of them think about the meaning behind the particular color, each color of rose does indeed say something.

A pink rose stands for friendship, while the red of course will send words of passionate love. White means purity; when red and white are put together the meaning is one of unity. Yellow on the other hand means jealousy; quite a few people are aware of this and should take notice when given this flower.

A black rose rarely means anything good; there are several theories behind the meaning of the black rose and all are dismal. It is most commonly recognized that if a person is given a black rose, the sender wishes harm. Luckily, the majority of flowers will send kind words.