The Meaning and Symbolism Behind the Lotus Flower Tattoo

Lotus flowers are very beautiful and have a great symbolic importance in many Eastern religions. The plant grows in ponds. The small plant gradually grows towards the water surface looking for the light. As soon as it reaches the light the lotus flower begins to blossom with very beautiful flowers which floats on the surface of the water.

The symbol of the lotus flower can be met more often in Hinduism and Buddhism. In these religions it expresses  the spiritual side of life. The meaning of that symbol does not fully coincides in the two religions, but in both of them the lotus flower if of great significance.

That is the reason why lotus flower tattoo is very much appreciated nowadays. It is accepted that it is a symbol of  life in general. Just like the lotus flower, which grows from the pond and changes to one of the most beautiful flowers ever met people also can grow and change.

People who are coming out of a hard time usually makes lotus flower tattoo. The sense of that kind of tattoo is that they have been in the bottom of a mud and muck and just like the lotus flower they reached the surface an met the sunlight.

The tattoo artists in Japan are very found of  the lotus flower as well as of the peonies. They like very much the Koi Fish tattoos. It happens that both lotus flower and Koi Fish can be found in one and the same pond. Koi Fish means strength and individuality.